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Residential Windows, Commercial Windows, Window Replacement, Door Replacement, Windows & Screens, Retractable Screens, Interior Doors, Sliding Glass Doors , French Doors and Other Window, Door and Screen Installation Services in Phoenix, AZ. Located in Mesa, AZ serving not only the Phoenix Valley but all of Arizona and beyond. Wondering if we service your area, give us a call today to find out.

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At The Grizzly Difference Windows and Doors, we know that your home is your haven. What if in your home every window, door and screen not only looks good, it keeps the draft and noises away. Enhancing your home avoiding high energy bills, unnecessary noise, or outdated windows and doors that make your house shine. We proudly serve all of Arizona, with a special focus on the east valley where our office is located. Check our service map to see other areas as we has expanded. Our services include installation of windows, doors, screens and custom retractable screens for your multi-sliding or bi-folding doors. We install new homes, repair, as well as remove and replace existing windows and doors.


Hey homeowners, picture this: you're stuck in a time warp with windows so old they probably remember the invention of sliced bread. Enter Grizzly Difference Windows & Doors – they're like the superheroes of energy efficiency. My windows were practically antiques, but Grizzly hooked me up with ones so sleek, even the neighbor's dog did a double take. These bad boys not only save me money, but they turned my house into the Beyoncé of the neighborhood. Don't be stuck in the past – hit up Grizzly for a virtual consultation and let the window revolution begin. Trust me, your energy bills will thank you, and your neighbors will be begging for your window upgrade secrets. Book that consultation, and let's make your home the talk of the block!


Upgrading your dated doors brings forth a multitude of advantages, transcending aesthetics to address critical aspects of home comfort and value. Replacing old doors effectively eliminates drafts, a common issue in aging entryways, contributing to enhanced energy efficiency and reduced utility costs. Beyond the immediate impact on comfort, modern and well-insulated doors significantly bolster a home's resale value, leaving a lasting positive impression on potential buyers. Furthermore, the installation of new doors provides an opportunity to incorporate advanced security features, reinforcing the safety of your home. With benefits ranging from improved insulation to heightened curb appeal and increased security, updating old doors is a strategic investment that not only elevates the living experience but also augments the overall value of your property.


Are you currently seeking new screens for your windows? Look no further – we offer a comprehensive range of screen solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. From solar sun screens designed to shield your windows from the sun's harsh rays to custom retractable screens ideal for your multi-slide setups, we have your requirements covered.

Noteworthy is our commitment to sourcing premium products, exemplified by our
USA-manufactured multi-slide systems and Lindsay windows. At The Grizzly Difference Windows and Doors, we prioritize partnering with industry-leading manufacturers, underscoring our dedication to quality. Our stringent standards ensure that we only install the finest products, and we consistently hold our manufacturers to the highest benchmarks, guaranteeing not only top-tier quality but also impressive warranties that you can rely on. Trust us for superior screen solutions that epitomize excellence and durability.

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